The factory outlet of ISKU in Lahti, Finland required adaptable of ventilation and effective kitchen air exchange solutions for a new kitchen and a canteen.

The ISKU factory outlet went through a complete make-over after a space previously used for production was renovated and turned into a kitchen and a canteen. The brand-new dining and cooking areas got equipped with our modern and sustainable ventilation solutions as well as CleanMaster® hoods. “Climecon products were chosen based on their country of origin and outstanding functionalities”, states Heikki Kytö, HVAC designer of the project.

The importance of adaptable ventilation solutions was highlighted from the design phase on. The old building had bulks in the ceiling that offered a challenge for designing. Together with the architect un-painted ROX nozzle ducts were chosen for the canteen area. ROX is equipped with genius CliMix® nozzles that combine a 100% directable throw pattern and a high mixing ratio on top of ensuring that their surfaces stay clean. Due to the genius nozzles, the throw-pattern of ROX is completely modifiable and can easily be re-directed in cases of space alterations.

“Co-operation with Climecon has always been easy. The staff is available and provides technical help and competent service.”

-HVAC designer Heikki Kytö

SAT valves for the exhaust air of the premises provide easy measuring of the air flow and highly accurate adjustment. The product is a perfect choice for the large dining area since they remove large quantities of air effortlessly and with certainty. The vents were painted black fitting in with the color scheme of the dining area.

For the kitchen of ISKU, the next generation air exchange solution CleanMaster® was a spot-on choice. The new CleanMaster® hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions are equipped with the most advanced technology regarding cleanliness and safety. By utilizing pioneering four-phased UV-technology in cleaning the exhaust air, the products make sure no residuals remain in ducts, resulting in decreased cleaning costs and improved fire safety. The innovative AirBoost feature captures excessive heat and impurities from the cooking equipment.

The modern CleanMaster® technology is also energy efficient and an environmentally friendly option. It enables heat recovery ventilation from the exhaust air, which significantly improves the energy efficiency of the premises.

By capturing excessive heat from the exhaust air, the heating costs of the premises can be cut. Also sustainable TUISKU snow and rain covers prevent water and snow from entering the intake air vents. TUISKU has been proven to be long-lasting for its surface treatment that fulfills the corrosivity category C4 and endures even the most challenging climate conditions.


HVAC designer

Heikki Kytö, Vahanen Lahti

HVAC designer

Ilari Matikainen, Vahanen Lahti