The thorough renovation of Hämeenkylä School was aimed at improving energy efficiency, comfort and the indoor climate. The teaching facilities at the site had high design requirements: high draft criteria, low noise levels, control of large volumes of air and easy cleaning.

Nozzle ducts meet the tough requirements

The combination of ROX and ROX-S was selected for the teaching facilities for three reasons. The adjustable throw pattern is useful in the event of any future space changes and partition additions. Using nozzle ducts, the suspended ceiling could be made higher, thus making the classrooms more airy. The easy cleaning of the ROX nozzle ducts, caused by the smooth nozzle surface, led to choosing that particular product instead of the alternatives.

Top-quality professional kitchen products and a comprehensive design service

The school’s kitchen prepares up to 1,500 lunches every day, and the need for ventilation is great. Energy saving and heat recovery were important criteria when designing the kitchen, so CleanMaster solutions utilizing vacuum UV purification technology were chosen for the premises.

Thanks to the efficient breakdown of grease, heat can be recovered reliably and efficiently from the kitchen exhaust air by means of heat recovery. This is a significant feature for saving energy. The efficient purification technology also ensures that the ducts remain clean, which substantially increases fire safety and significantly reduces cleaning costs.

The indoor climate of the kitchen is taken care of by our ceiling ventilation solutions, StandardPlus dishwashing hoods and the CRO and CTO supply and exhaust air devices with grease filters. The ceiling ventilation solutions made it possible to make the kitchen as high and airy as possible. This allowed the control of ventilation in a small area with a lot of equipment.

It is important to us that we can provide our clients with our expertise to achieve the best end result, and this was not overlooked during the project. “Climecon’s design service drew up dimensioning and layout plans for the ceiling ventilation and hoods as a basis for the ventilation plans of the kitchen,” says the site’s HVAC designer Vikke Niskanen from Granlund Oy.

Individually implemented air purification works

It still comes as a surprise to many that our selection also includes the country’s leading air purification solutions. HPC air purifiers were installed in the site’s sewer ventilation pipes, putting an end to the odor problems that plagued the site.


Vantaan kaupungin tilakeskus

HVAC Contractor

Vantaan Teknoilma Oy

HVAC Designer

Vikke Niskanen, Granlund Oy