VIVA design diffusers received an honorable mention at European Product Design Award

Combining high-class design and indoor air expertise, the selection of VIVA wall diffusers earned an honorable mention in the prestigious European Product Design Award™ competition. The result of a joint product development project between Climecon’s ventilation experts and a renowned interior architect Teemu Saukkonen the collection of stream-lined ventilation diffusers was merited from over a thousand entries.

This marks the first time innovation has reached such recognition in the ventilation field at the European Product Design Award competition. An international jury evaluated the entries based on innovativeness, aesthetics, functionality, usefulness, and ecological factors. VIVA combines top-class design with advanced technical ventilation performance.

VIVA selection consists of stylish wall diffusers for supply and exhaust air. Exclusive to the VIVA collection is how seemingly identical terminal devices for supply and exhaust air can be installed into one continuous row using identical, non-functional grille sections. The appearance is the craft of Teemu Saukkonen, the head of Saukkonen + Partners interior architecture company.

Visually harmonious spaces can be designed with long VIVA entities, offering an especially useful solution for example at renovation sites where pre-existing structures and ducts usually limit the possibilities of visual design. “The selection offers designers a new alternative for finishing sites visually without compromising on technical performance. The products are exceptional in their own genre, the kind that adds a finishing touch to any-which space”, says Teemu Saukkonen about the potential of VIVA.

Based on Saukkonen’s visual concept, Climecon’s R&D team executed the technical structure of the diffusers. The devices contain multiple innovative features for enhanced user experience, such as versatile airflow direction, and a locking mechanism of the significantly accurate adjustment unit. These features will create draft-free, energy-efficient, and silent ventilation as well as prolonging the life cycles of the devices.

In addition to looks, a high-quality ventilation system can be created with VIVA, significantly improving the indoor air conditions for the end-users as well as building health. “VIVA offers a good alternative for an air terminal unit at hotels, schools, and business places, and its distinguished, timeless design has been warmly welcomed by architect designers and interior architects – in addition to ventilation designers”, states Tommi Uksila, Climecon’s CEO. “VIVA has been chosen for projects where a bit of extra is wanted from diffusers.”

VIVA diffusers suit supply and exhaust air and are available for flush (F) and surface (S) mounting. VIVA-SL is a diffuser without a plenum box and VIVA-S-0 is a non-functional grille section. VIVA comes for 100-250 mm duct sizes and have a broad airflow range. VIVA’s are available via our partners all over the Nordics, Europe, and UAE, please visit our website for more information and locate your nearest vendor.


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