The plastic nozzles of our air terminal devices are replaced with biocomposite

One example of how we have sustainability issues at the core of product development is how the plastic parts of our air terminal devices have been replaced with biocomposite. The carbon dioxide emissions of the new, biodegradable material is only one-tenth compared to the previous material.

“A 90% smaller carbon footprint is a fact that matters! Similar measures to reduce the carbon footprint will also be sought in the future,” says Pekka Huhtela, business director of air terminal devices at Climecon.

While the environmental impact of the nozzles has been brought to a significantly lower level, the appearance of the nozzles has also improved even further. The mold used in the manufacturing of the nozzles was subjected to a spark treatment, thanks to which the nozzle blends in with the matte surface of the nozzle duct, and the end result is finished.

Nozzles are used, for example, in displacement diffusers, nozzle ducts, and diffusers that come into walls and ceilings, which accumulate a lot over time. At larger sites, the use of biocomposite has a significant impact on managing total emissions.


Three ways UV lamp choice affect maintenance costs in professional kitchens

The use of UV light in professional kitchen air purification is common, but in terms of efficient grease purification and life cycle costs, selecting the right technology makes all the difference. We list three factors of UV applications that help in controlling maintenance costs and make the work of the kitchen staff easier.


Factors of extract air cleaning in professional kitchens

Achieving a high level of extract air cleanliness plays a major role in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and increase fire safety of the premises. Additionally, clean extract air can be utilized with heat recovery ventilation systems.


EPD-verified ventilation solutions from Climecon

We are the first manufacturer to offer EPD verified air terminal devices and professional kitchen hoods. With this, products with reliable and comprehensive verification of their environmental effects are also available in ventilation.