Restaurant Pirttihirmu is located in the middle of Duudsonit Activity Park that provides fun activies for all ages

The CleanMaster® ventilation solutions are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding professional kitchens. The hygiene and functionality of CleanMaster® hoods are not affected even by a heavy usage. Thanks to the unique cleaning technology, the grease chambers and ducts of the hoods remain clean providing a safe and healthy working environment for the staff of the restaurant.

CleanMaster® hoods are controlled by an integrated control unit. A separate control unit is not needed, which makes the hoods easy to design and quick to install. This time Climecon’s Service Manager Heikki took care of the whole process by installing the CleanMaster® technology to the kitchen and introducing it to the staff.

“The installation service worked very well!”

-Contractor Kimmo Vuori from Amplit Oy

CleanMaster® hoods’ great technical features combined with their cost and energy efficiency make them an invincible choice for a professional kitchen. According to the contractor of the restaurant, Kimmo Vuori, CleanMaster® hoods were also chosen for their operational reliability. Vuori also praises Climecon’s great installation service, that took care of the small arisen problems in no time.


Kimmo Vuori, Amplit Oy