Efficient air purification and energy-savings

When choosing a supplier of hoods for the kitchen designed by Compass Group, energy-efficient solutions of the manufacturer were heavily emphasized. The customer was willing to invest in ventilation cleaning technologies, provided that significant savings in both energy and maintenance costs would be achieved.

The large production kitchen prepares food for workplace canteens and catering services. As controlling the sweeping costs of kitchen ducts is important especially at such a large site, a combination of several cleaning techniques is required to filter out the highest possible amount of grease.

Equipped with efficient four-stage cleaning technology, the almost 100% cleaning efficiency of CleanMaster hoods met the customer’s high standards. With the large volumes of air in the huge kitchen, it is paramount that the heat that travels with the air can be recovered as efficiently as possible. The extract air needs to be clean enough to be utilized by heat recovery systems.

Climecon at service from design to commissioning

During the collaboration, our professional kitchen design service consulted Compass Group. “We shared our expertise in matching air purification technology best suited for kitchen needs. We also assisted in dimensioning the kitchen airflows,” sums up Ville Wallendahr, Climecon’s Business Director of Professional Kitchen Solutions, when looking back at the beginning of the collaboration.

Our professional kitchen design service covers a lighting design for major sites, which was also included in this project. We used DIAlux software for the lighting design of the site. By this, we ensured that the lighting meets the EN 12464 standards in the working area regarding for instance light intensity, color reproduction, and freedom from glare.

To finalize the successful cooperation our commissioning services ensured that the ventilation of the site turned out and functions as it had been designed.


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