How ventilation can better meet the needs of interior designers

We discussed with Minna Haapakoski, a renowned interior designer, what is expected from home decor and how it is reflected in building services markets and ventilation choices. In addition, we shed light on how Climecon works to meet your needs.  

The housing market is busy and plenty of residential houses are built. Due to the Korona pandemic, more time is spent at home, which reflects in the trending of home decoration and renovation. “In the middle of a busy everyday life, people may want a pleasant place to unwind and relax in the privacy of their own homes. Also, people increasingly want to invest in more luxurious and high-quality solutions,” Haapakoski sums up. The desires of home decorators and renovators vary, but according to Minna, the priority is in “Timeless solutions and high-quality materials that are lasting and endure usage.”  

New designs, shapes and materials are needed for HVAC equipment  

Manufacturers in the building services industry have still a long way to go but the path is right. “In building services, there is a general need to combine visual and technical aspects, so that the result is more functional and at the same time more visually pleasing. — In recent years, it has been a pleasure to see how new designs, shapes and materials have entered the market,” says Haapakoski.  

The potential of the new materials was taken into account in the development of the LINE collection right from the start, with particular emphasis on durability and style. After consideration, Accoya pine and opal glass were selected as alternative materials for the valves’ deco parts, in addition to traditional paint-coated steel.  

Timeless and personal design  

Minimalist shapes and classic color options are timeless and versatile in terms of interior design. For this reason, in the development of LINE valves, we started from the basic geometric shapes, round and square models, and basic standard colors. “Interiors are often designed to ‘grow’ along with the families and the residents,” Minna describes, “At the same time, we seek for solutions that look personal and are comfortable.”  

While updates to the interior may be frequent, the ventilation equipment is usually left untouched. Although, there is no reason why personal style could not be reflected in these as well. LINE valves offer a solution with the possibility to customize the visible deco part. “Those little details often complete the whole, so customization is a great opportunity!”  

Get to know LINE valves

Minna Haapakoski is a design professional and interior designer who has been providing interior design services for private and public spaces for 15 years. Haapakoski was involved in the product development project of our LINE residential valves’ collection. Minna thinks there is not one correct way to decorate, but in her work, she strives to listen and respect different needs and desires.  


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