FG Master fire extinguishing for Climecon hoods

Along with the aims of conquering space, the space crafts needed a reliable, non-toxic extinguishing system that does not eliminate oxygen and works in extreme conditions. We now utilize this aerosol technology in FG Master, the extinguishing system for professional kitchen hoods and ventilation ceilings. FG Master is a standard feature in CleanMaster and MistMaster hoods. In order to secure the staff of restaurants and professional kitchens, we offer a reliable solution especially suitable for extinguishing grease fires.

Effective extinguishing of grease fires

The FG Master is an aerosol-based extinguishing system, tested and suitable for Class F grease fires. It contains an integrated trigger mechanism that does not require electricity to operate. The equipment can also be fully integrated into the property’s fire extinguishing equipment. The extinguishing cartridges are placed in the hood capture space, in the proximity of the exhaust air chamber, so that when activated, they also act in the ductwork. The extinguishing agent does not corrode surfaces.

Aerosol extinguishing equipment is popular for its extinguishing power, reliability, and affordability. “We recommend the FG Master extinguishing system for wok, grills, and fryers, among other things, as the technology has been tested to extinguish grease fires in especial,” says Ville Wallendahr, Climecon’s business director of professional kitchens. “These can also be installed in our existing hoods in restaurants and kitchens. It’s a small price to pay to protect a restaurant in the event of a fire.”

Proven green technology

Sustainability has also been considered in the fire extinguishing system. The extinguishing cartridges are one hundred percent green technology. This means that they do not contribute to global warming or the depletion of the ozone layer. Additionally, the compounds do not pollute the atmosphere.

Climecon declares cartridges maintenance-free for their entire life-cycle, up to ten years. “At best this can save the costs of several years of maintenance visits,” Wallendahr points out. The fire extinguishing cartridges have been tested by several parties and are certified in accordance with the requirements of VoCas, VdS, DoP, and CRS, among others.

Climecon professional kitchen ventilation solutions

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What is required for safe fire extinguishing in professional kitchens?

We assembled the three core elements of fire safety in professional kitchen extinguishing systems: safe extinguishing agents, efficient fire extinguishing technology and reliable response. All of these have been taken into account in the development of FG Master extinguishing system, which is especially suitable for professional kitchens and for putting down grease fires.

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