CLIK-S supply air valve

CLIK-S is a stylish supply air valve for small air flows. The device can be used as a smoke dampener preventing the spreading of smoke in the ducts in cases of fire.

Air flow range

6-14 dm³/s

Duct sizes

Ø 100-125 mm

Smoke dampener


Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)

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The combined air flow of two CLIK-S valves at 100 Pa pressure difference is at most 42 l/s. The products is suitable for situations where a smoke dampener is needed.

CLIK-S can be used when two supply air units operate at the end of one duct joint.

Quick, reliable, and easy mounting and adjustment

Due to its unique opening mechanism, CLIK-S can easily be cliked open for mounting, maintenance and adjustment.

The device contains a significantly specific measuring that is based on pressure difference. It also has an ingenius and reliable adjustment mechanism that utilizes magnetic stripes.

Clean and stylish

CLIK-S continues the legacy of CLIK valves, higly recommended by ventilation designers, contractors and architects and it is just as easy to keep clean as it’s predecessor.

Quick guide

For flush and surface mounting

Throw pattern and length

Diffusion pattern

Throw lengts



Not for adjustment

CLIK-S 100

CLIK-S 125

Äänitaso nousee, mikäli
suojaetäisyys on alle 3xØd:

  • Käyrän jälkeen +4 dB (A)
  • T-haaran jälkeen +8 dB (A)