The largest school building project of Espoo history, Opinmäki kampus, was finished in Suurpelto, Espoo, in June 2015. Climecon’s CleanMaster® Hoods were chosen for the large and wide spaces of Opinmäki campus’ kitchen.

Thousand students are studying daily at the largest school in Espoo, whereupon the ventilation of the kitchen must function as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the CleanMaster® technology, the grease fumes arising from the frying stations will not acummulate in the exhaust ducts and the technology takes at the same time care of the purification of the exhaust air. The technology also enables long food preparation cycles without specific cleaning breaks in the kitchen while maintaining the required hygiene level.

Thanks to the CleanMaster® technology, the heat load of the the exhaust air araising from the kitchen can be used in the Heating Recovery Ventilation (HRV) of the building, which saves a considerable amount of energy.

Climecon’s StandardPlus hoods were chosen for the householding classroom at the Opinmäki kampus. StandardPlus Hoods are excellently suitable for the spacious classroom thanks to their stylish appearance and low construction height.