FG Master fire extinguishing system

FG Master is an aerosol based fire extinguishing system for class F grease fires. The reliable system is standalone and fully green technology. The device fits Climecon CleanMaster and MistMaster hoods and ventilation ceiling systems.


The FG Master is an aerosol-based extinguishing system, tested and suitable for Class F grease fires. The extinguishing cartridges contain an integrated trigger mechanism that does not require electricity to operate. The equipment can also be fully integrated into the property’s fire extinguishing equipment.

The extinguishing cartridges are placed in the hood capture space, in the proximity of the exhaust air chamber, so that when activated, they also act in the ductwork.

100% green technology

The extinguishing cartridges are one hundred percent green technology. This means that they do not contribute to global warming or the depletion of the ozone layer, and the compounds do not pollute the atmosphere.

The extinguishing agent does not corrode surfaces nor remove oxygen. Both the substances in the cartridges and the compounds resulting from the extinguishing process are harmless for the people, kitchen devices, and foodstuff in the proximity of the hoods.


Our professional kitchen design services dimensions the extinguishing cartridges for our hoods to guarantee a high level of firesafety for the ventilation devices, premises, and the staff.

Professional kitchen design services

Automatic extinguisher panel

Our selection covers extinguishing release panels when the site requires release buttons or when the suppression system needs to be integrated into the fire safety system at the property.

The best-suited solution can be applied from our two options. The panels may serve one or multiple rooms and versatile additional functions can be integrated to best fit the needs of the site.