Meet the team: Linda Köresaar

The new boss lady of our marketing department, Linda has blessed us with digital marketing skills as well as witty humor. During six months at Climecon Linda has already led a number of new projects and reinvented herself as a sailor.


Linda Köresaar started at Climecon last spring and became the reigning marketing manager of Climecon after Stiina went on a maternity leave.

Having previously worked as a digital specialist Linda was keen on conducting marketing in a broader scope and saw an interesting opportunity to use her skills and knowledge for developing the activities at Climecon. The efficient marketing goddess wasted no time in initiating several development projects and more is yet to come.

After having previously worked with international projects, Linda names closer cooperation with Climecon’s global partners as one of her upcoming endeavors “I see a lot of potential in the international markets, fresh and healthy indoor air shouldn’t be limited to Finland only”.

“I don’t cut corners, and neither do Climeconians”

-Linda Köresaar

Quick-witted Linda fell for the rowdy humor at the Climecon head-quarters and says she has enjoyed her time with skilled colleagues. “People are trusted with freedom but that doesn’t come at the expense of results”, she states. The slight sense of competition at Climecon is to Linda’s liking: ”As a bit of an underdog in the competitive scene, Climecon is all about conquering the challenge. And why shouldn’t we, our products are indeed of high-quality and continuous development is ever-present.”

Her new position has inspired Linda off-duty as well. After winning the sailing competition at Climecon’s latest company outing day Linda became determined to take on a new hobby. In addition to, now, sailing Linda’s leisure time activities include gym and drawing where she modestly describes her-self to be “ridiculously good” at.


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