Professional kitchen innovations: Fire safety and demand-controlled ventilation

The reception was very interested as we presented the black hoods, demand-controlled kitchen ventilation, and the newly launched FG Master extinguishing system at the FinnBuild building fair.

Black hoods complete the open kitchens

No paint or coating is used for our black hoods or ventilation roofs, but the steel parts are blackened during a unique process. The durable blackening process is especially suitable for the high demands of professional kitchens, as no chemicals or wearable materials are allowed in the premises. Hoods and ventilation ceilings are blackened at the factory, so no time is spent e.g. covering or coating the devices.

Demand-controlled kitchen ventilation saves energy

The ventilation in the kitchen can be adjusted as needed with the new innovation. The DCKV technology found in Climecon hoods measures the indoor air in the kitchen with the help of several different variables, thus providing reliable information on the usage of the kitchen. Based on this, the ventilation can be controlled and enhanced only when the workstations are actually in use, and energy is not wasted.

FG Master for extinguishing grease fires

FG Master is an aerosol-based extinguishing system suitable for grease fires and can be used with CleanMaster and MistMaster hoods. It offers a  reliable and non-toxic alternative for professional kitchens. The natural substances used in extinguishing cartridges or those produced in the extinguishing process do not burden the environment.

Our high-quality professional kitchen solutions have been cleaning the air in kitchens for over 30 years in Finland and around the world. Highly efficient UV cleaning, lighting solutions developed for professional kitchens, and the EasyCare maintenance concept make top restaurateurs choose our solutions. Our high-quality selection covers hoods, ventilation ceilings, and odor removal, as well as stylish ventilation solutions for dining areas.


Vent.X: New user interface for faster design

Improved user experience with streamlined features is at the core of the renewed Vent.X user interface. The new selection tool for air terminal devices is significantly faster and optimized for wide screens. This is to make working easier and reduces the need for scrolling.

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Corrosion-resistant air terminal devices for challenging conditions

Our high-quality products made of acid-proof and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion.

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EPD-verified hoods for sustainable kitchen projects

EPD verified hoods offer a solution, especially for sites where minimizing climate effects is sought after. Builders, designers, and other stakeholders get verified, unbiased information about the hoods’ carbon footprints along with a broad range of other environmental effects.

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